About St. Andrew's

Servants at St. Andrew's

St. Andrew’s is a growing multiethnic and multigenerational church with members from ages 4 to 97, whose backgrounds are European, Latino, African, southeast Asian and Native American. Some of our ministries in the past have included youth group for students in 6th through 12th grades, Sunday School for all ages, Vacation Bible School, Christmas pageant, small groups that meet around the Central New York region, Men’s & Women’s ministries, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Alpha Marriage Course, Garage Sale, intercessory prayer ministry, acolyte and lay reader ministries and more. St. Andrew's has served God in Central New York since 1902.

St. Andrew's is a 'three streams' church: We are catholic & sacramental, rooted in the worship and practices of the ancient church. We are evangelical with a passion for the Bible and evangelism. We are Spirit filled, enjoying present day power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We are part of the Anglican Mission in Americas, a missionary society, focused on evanelism and church planting.

Our statement of faith is the Nicene Creed. We are a church in the Anglican tradtion. Visit our Anglican FAQ page for more information about the Anglican heritage of our church.

We celebrate the church year through a variety of events which have included in the past: special Holy Week services, Christmas Eve and Day services, St. Joseph's Day dinner, healing services, an instructed eucharist and other ways.

St. Andrew’s also enjoys it’s close relationships our immediate neighbors Psalm 19 Ministries led by Iris Godfrey, Eagle Life Wesleyan Church led by Pastor Sandy and Mary Sinesi and Christ is King Baptist Church led by Pastor Jon and Kim Speed. We believe in partnering with other ministries across denominational lines to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do so by co-hosting NEDROWFEST.

As part of the Missionary Society, we pray that the Lord will use us to plant new churches and ministries throughout our region. Fr. Steve is actively seeking other like-minded Christ followers in Oswego, Jefferson, Oneida and Onondaga counties (and elsewhere in New York State) who desire to be a part of a three-streams, missionary movement.

Watch our web site and Facebook page for more information.

Acolytes, Lay Readers, Altar Guild and Others

Many of our boys and girls (and some adults) serve the Lord in our worship service in the ancient and important ministry of the Accolyte. The term 'accolyte' comes from the ancient Greek word, 'acolytos' which means servant, companion, attendant or helper.

The minsitry of children serving God has its roots in the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, where Elkanah and Hannah, who is barren, pray for a child and the Lord provides a son, Samuel. They then dedicate him to the Lord and Samuel serves in the Temple assisting Eli, the Levite priest.

At St. Andrew's, accolytes have many duties including: assisting the priest or deacon in preparing the table for or cleaning up after communion; as a Crucifer (one who carries the cross in procession); holding the Gospel book for the reading of the lesson; giving the offering plates to the ushers and receiving the offering for the priest to bless; and with other specially assigned duties.

Adults and some of our older teens are also able to serve as Lay Readers. Lay Readers read the Old & New Testament lessons and lead the people in the praying of the Psalms and the Prayers of the People. During communion, Lay Readers will also serve as Chalice Bearers, serving the holy cup to worshipers as they come forward for communion.

St. Andrew's Altar Guild is legendary in their faithful service to the Lord and His church. For all worship services at the church and other places, they set up the altar and credence table for the Euchraist and also care for vestments and altarware, and much more.

St. Andrew's music ministry is led by R. Joe Godfrey and Patty DeGraff along with a host of other talented musicians and vocalists. We worship God singing the best of hymnody along with contemporary music. Currently we have a need for a few more musicians and vocalists that can play or sing well as part of a team.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Acts 19:11 And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were carried away to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them.

St. Andrew's has a dedicated team of women and men who pray as they knit and crochet shawls to be given to persons as the Lord directs them. Many are greatly comforted and encouraged by knowing they are prayed for. This ministry is a great blessing both to those who receive and those who create the shawls.

We pray over each and every shawl:

Almighty God, as your power flowed through St. Paul into the fabric of handkerchiefs and aprons, and healed those who were touched by them, so we pray that you would bless these prayer shawls that whoever would they would touch would be healed, have wisdom and insight, be kept in safety, be comforted and have peace.

We give you thanks for the loving, prayerful care by which they have been woven and ask your blessing on those who created them.We pray all this through the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our healer and redeemer, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever. Amen.

Youth & Children's Ministry

St. Andrew's Youth Ministry is led by Tony Polhamus and Joe Rescigno. Two of the fun things we do as a youth group are montly Move & Theology Night and Game Night. Both are held at our storefront. Watch our Facebook page for more information.

We believe parents are the primary spiritual leaders for our children and the church is to support them. We provide service opportunities for our children as Acolytes, as well as spiritual formation through Sunday School, Children's Church, Baptism, Confirmation and other activities.

We thank God for the growing number of children and youth in our congregation. We are committed to working with their parents to raise them in the love and knowlegde of Jesus Christ all the days of their life. Our hope for 2015 is to begin a midweek ministry for kids alongside our Supper and Bible study on Thursdays.

Small Groups and Bible Studies

St. Andrew's has several small groups and Bible studies that meet both at St. Andrew's and in homes and cafes around CNY. Contact the church or see the back of each Sunday's bulletin for more information.

Marriage Support

St. Andrew's supports the institution of marriage and desires to give married couples the tools they need to carry out this holy calling. Check out our Marriage Support page for more information about the Alpha Marriage Course, book recommendations, online resources and retreats that support marriages.

Lafayette Outreach

St. Andrew's supports LaFayette Outreach, a caring ministry to needy families the LaFayette, Nedrow, Onondaga Nation and surrounding areas. This food pantry is located at the Church of the Nativity at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in LaFayette.

LaFayette Outreach continues to need our food donations also. CRITICAL NEEDS are health & beauty and personal care products. Checks may be made out to LaFayette Outreach. Please bring your donations to church or contact Pastor Steve.

Garage Sale

Jesus encouraged his followers to love their neighbors as themselves. One way we are trying to do that is through our Garage Sale ministry.

St. Andrew's holds a garage sale (most weeks), using the garage on the Lindbergh Road side of our building at 6136 S. Salina St. We open about 12 pm and close about 6 pm. We are also occasionally open on Saturdays and in between services on Sundays. Visit our Garage Sale page.

Look for our ad every Thursday morning on Craigslist in the Garage Sale section and follow us on Facebook to see the latest and greatest treasures for sale. Everything is negotiable and we always have a free table to give stuff away. Sometimes we have coffee too. Please join us. Thank you.


Ove the past 3 summers, St. Andrew's has partnered with Eagle Life Wesleyan Church, Christ is King Baptist Church and Psalm 19 Ministries to host Nedrowfest, a family friendly festival for the community of Nedrow.

We give away free food including hot dogs, chips, drinks, snow cones and pop corn. We provide fun games with prizes for kids, balloons and a bouncehouse. St. Andrew's Garage Sale has also partcipated with a free books, clothes and housewares giveaway. And we have live music from special guest artists such as Mikey B and the Sent Forth, Jim Murphy, Mat Kerlin, Rock of Ages Revival, Bob Hicks Music Ministry and Friends of God. We have also had special performances from the Shawl Dance Ministry Team.

Our hope is that this festival will be a blessing and an extension of our friendship to the awesome community of Nedrow.

St. Andrew's Calendar

St. Andrew's calendar is available for your smart phone or computer via Google Calendar.